Angels 101

Who are the Angels?

The angels are the messengers of God’s light and love who are with each one of us to lovingly guide and protect us at all times. These Divine beings of light look beyond our exterior and see, without judgment, only the pure light of God within us. The angels are available to help us to recognize God in all areas of our lives and to assist us with our health, career and relationships. Most importantly, the angels help us to understand our life’s mission and to bring us closer to our true, spiritual selves.

The Law of Free Will:

Everyone is blessed by God with the right to make decisions based on their personal beliefs. Although the angels always know what is best for us, they will not intervene on our behalf without our permission. There is no task too large or small for the angels to handle as they are omnipresent, meaning they are everywhere and can help everyone simultaneously. The angels are honored to help us in any way possible to bring peace in our lives. Before they can come to our aid, however, we must ask the angels for their help. We can petition help from our angels by speaking, thinking, writing, visualizing or affirming our requests.

The Angelic Realm:

There are nine choirs of angels which include angels, archangels, principalities, powers, virtues, dominions, thrones, cherubim and seraphim. The two types of angels most involved with helping us are our guardian angels and the archangels. Our guardian angels are assigned by God to protect and guide us and to assist us in fulfilling our life’s purpose. Each of us has at least two guardian angels, but additional angels are often enlisted by God to surround us, as necessary, during the different circumstances of our lives. The protection and guidance of the angels is strengthened in numbers, and we can invoke additional angels through prayer and visualization.

The archangels are the leaders of the guardian angels and who represent help in the different aspects of the human existence. Perhaps the most famous archangel is the Archangel Michael, a large and powerful warrior spirit and fierce protector. Michael is the spokesperson of the archangel troupe and the right hand of God. Archangel Rafael is the healer of all physical, emotions and spiritual wounds, while the Archangel Gabriel or “messenger of God” is the inspiration for writers, teachers and journalists. According to the bible, Archangel Gabriel delivered the news of her pregnancy with Jesus to the Virgin Mary.

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